Say hello to Avada 7.3, the follow on update from version 7.2, 7.1, 7.0, 6.2, 6.1, and 6.0, which formulates our vision for the future of designing and building websites with WordPress and Avada.

The Avada Website Builder is feature-packed with a vast array of tools and style options that will complete your toolkit, ready to take on any project. Build any website layout to suit your business needs from the header down to the footer; that includes showcasing your online shop and products. Setting up an online store with Avada and WooCommerce has never been easier, and everything is mobile-friendly across all devices from desktop to mobile.

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The Ultimate Avada WooCommerce Builder

Avada WooCommerce Builder

This Avada release expands on the WooCommerce Builder, and functionality released in version7.2. Using the Drag & Drop live editor, you can design stunning shop, cart, checkout, category, and single product page layouts without any coding knowledge. Avada gives you the ability decide what product information is important to your customers, and using the provided WooCommerce Layout Elements, design successful call-to-action sales pages.

Avada Post Card Layouts

We are super excited about the Post Card Element. This Element is highly flexible and designed as a tool that will make building layouts of any kind easy. It is a fantastic way to create intricate layouts for WooCommerce, Blog, and Portfolios. The styling options give you endless flexibility.

Avada Post Card Layouts

A New Registration Method

Registering your Avada website is going to be faster and more streamlined, as of Avada 7.3. Historically and up until version 7.3, registering your Avada website would require you to at first generate a token key and then register the theme as shown below:

Dashboard Register Avada

From Avada 7.3 onward, we will be dropping the Token Key requirement in favor of a faster Purchase Code method. No longer will you need to go through the additional steps of allocating Token Key permissions in order to receive theme updates, etc.

For the new registration method, one crucial detail to highlight here is that once you register the purchase code, the registration will automatically associate the URL with the purchase code. To continue receiving updates beyond version 7.3, a valid purchase for each of your Avada installations will be required.

Important Note: Once you have updated your Avada version to 7.3, a grace period of 10 days will be provided for you to change your website’s registration to the new method (changing to the new method can be done at any time, even after the grace period lapses). Failing to register using the new method will not break the website or cause it to malfunction; however, it will prevent future theme updates from being aggregated to your site.

2 New WooCommerce Focussed Prebuilt Websites

Importing any Avada prebuilt website is as simple as clicking a button and is highly flexible. You can choose to import a full website and parts of any other or anything in between. Choose pages, posts, portfolios, images, sliders, theme options, widgets, or to uninstall as you prefer.

Avada Retail

Avada Retail Prebuilt Website

Avada Country Butcher

Avada Country Butcher Prebuilt Website

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