The food industry is constantly changing and is a trend that never ends. If you are a food blogger, restaurant owner, or even a celebrated foodie who wants to share your passion online, this post will get you started making the right choice to design your ideal website.

Avada is a feature-packed Website Builder with no coding knowledge required when designing your ideal website. Anyone, from beginners to professionals, uses Avada for projects and businesses daily. When you get started with the Avada Website Builder for your next project, you will have access to all 85+ Avada prebuilt websites, including these 7.

7 Best WordPress Food Themes

The 7 prebuilt websites we will be looking at were determined as the top food prebuilt websites by daily imports for this category. Whether you have a sense of business or a refined taste in food, you can get started with Avada today.

Avada Food

Avada Food is a great way to share recipes and your experiences of different foods from across the globe.

If you are passionate about food and indulge in trying new recipes, this prebuilt website is a great way to kick off.

Avada Restaurant

More restaurants are bringing their business online to provide clients with access to their visual layout and menu options.

Avada Restaurant is ideal for a visual introduction to your business, regardless of the industry.

Avada Nutritionist

Avada Nutritionist is a great place to start if you want to add value to having a healthy lifestyle and contribute by sharing tips, tricks, and guidelines.

This prebuilt website can get things going for your initiative by saving you time on creating and adding content.

Avada Takeout

Avada Takeout is an opportunity to turn your walk into an online takeout, providing you with all the tools you need.

If you are looking for a way to boost your business by adding another stream of revenue, this prebuilt website is a great way to get started.

Avada Bakery

Nothing beats the aroma under your nose of baked goods straight out of the oven.

Avada Bakery not only gives you that sense of goodness but a visual sensation to promote your products.

Avada Country Butcher

Going from store to store finding the best prime cuts is something of the past, and Avada Country Butcher proves just that. This prebuilt website is built to give you that warm country feeling.

For this online store, the design and the products are on par with the target industry.

Avada Café

Cafés have always been the spot for a quick lunch or to take a break from the office. If you have one of these great escapes from a busy life, it’s time to take the next step.

This prebuilt website can put your business on the map by offering all your service locations and a visual representation of what’s on the menu.


We all need to eat. But what we eat can become tricky at times, especially when we need a quick bite, a ready-made meal, or a healthy supper. 

These prebuilt websites are created as a way to give you a head start. You can change the styling, Layouts, content as much or as little as you need to quickly adapt any individual prebuilt site to suit your chosen niche. Get started with the Avada Website Builder today and launch your business online; Fast.

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